First Street Cafe

Beginning on Friday, Aug. 21, 2009, we will be closing the doors on our Cafe.

You can arrange for for Private Parties, Group Dinners & Luncheons at our First Street Cafe facility. Please Call.

Catering is available for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any time before and after that.

Interested in food or soups prepared for you on a weekly manner? Please give a call or e-mail me and we will set that up.

Soups are available at Shop 'N Kart Grocery Store in Ashland. And I will announce any other outlets as they come up.

Stay tuned and we are not gone but moving on to other things.

116 First Street, Phoenix Oregon 97535
Phone - (541) 535-6078 - Email

Our food is prepared with all of us in mind. Often we select "in season" foods from local suppliers to bring to the table not only the freshest and most cost-effective produce, but also to support our local economy. We care deeply about each menu item you may select; binding flavors and textures in a series of events that produce a whole taste experience. We would truly (no really) like to hear from you - mostly good things, but we will listen to any other things you may have to share, (although you may have to follow us around if you get long-winded, we are very busy preparing your meal!) We love our food (literally, we put our love in it) and we hope you will too. Thank you for coming in and spreading your sunshine!

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